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single room heat recovery unit with reversible flow complete with ceramic type heat exchanger up to 94% efficiency. Tilting front to avoid unwanted air return when the product is turned off. Highly silent. No need for condensate drain. DC motor on ball bearings with reduced consumption and long life operating. Separate double filters for fresh air and exhaust air duct variable in lenght from 230 to 500mm. Minimum depth of the wall 250mm, maximum depth 3m (2,5m if there is a 90° bend). Visual indicators for commands reception and filter clearing need. Adjustable operating mode by display controller. Buzzer signal for command reception.
for 70 seconds RUCTS extracts the hot, stale air in the room to the outside. During the passage through the duct, the air releases its thermal energy which is accumulated by the ceramic exchanger: at the end of this phase the fan reverses the direction of rotation and starts the supply phase for another 70 seconds. The cold external air, passing through the hot exchanger, recovers thermal energy and is introduced into the environment at a more comfortable temperature. This allows for important energy savings as it prevents the heating system from operating at maximum intensity as would happen in the case of air exchange by opening the windows.